A wild boar riding

I became a small body. I was selecting a riding boar, like a palfrey, in the village of wild boar. After negotiations, contracted with a very good boar. Compatibility with me was also good. I was feeling the force of gravity, holding on boar's ears, and went up over a slightly elevated mountain without difficulty. then, I encountered with Michael Jackson who dressed extra shirts profusely, described his fashion point prepared to me...
I dreamt with nap in the afternoon...


A fusion night cafe bohemia in TOKYO. MAR 22.

It was my dancing at cafe bohemia on March 22 in TOKYO.  if anyone wasn't able to make it, next it will be performing here at 19 July. I am going to perform at that affiliated cafe. Details soon.   

and, plus, next month I will be performing at Nefertiti Tokyo in roppongi April 9 and 30. Please check my show page!