LESSONS。☆new update☆


・一ヶ月4 ¥10000
・一ヶ月8 ¥18000
入会金 ¥5000
月謝の方の追加レッスン ¥2000
Drop in   ¥3000

3~4  ¥4000
2  ¥4500
1  ¥6000




■7月から新クラスの紹介 ベリーダンス入門・初級 振り付け 90分  スタジオは高円寺と下北沢 リンクへ

lesson fee

■ the monthly fee of Kadera's class
• One month four times ¥ 10000
• One month 8 times ¥ 18000
■ initiation fee ¥ 5000
■ additional fees per class ¥ 2000
■ Drop in ¥ 3000
■ trial lesson ¥ 1500

■ private lessons
• 3-4 people ¥ 4000
• 2 people ¥ 4500
• 1 person ¥ 6000

※ it's only available during its payment month.
※ non-refundable.
※ private lesson per person per hour fee.
※ private lessons take a separate fee of per studio charge. its price depends on places.

PS: please do not hesitate to contact me if you have some questions and concerns. I have now lessons in Tokyo at the center of the metropolitan area.
Mainly, Meguro, Ginza, Koenji, Setagaya and so forth. and also private lessons widely, It is possible can be correspondence. Let me know your hope and request. For more information who ask about those, be able to use at the right of the contact form.

Lessons with Kader Belly Dance / Oriental dance
Belly Dance / Oriental dance is that pull woman original beauty up to the maximum, and it is a charming dance those can increase.
Release the mind and body, putting it in the mysterious and bewitching rhythm and melody, expressing a variety of mind with women, and immersing in sensual pleasure.

For being able to dance beautifully and naturally, while enjoying the exotic music and dancing for the repeated, also more understanding for its beautiful representation, every time you superimpose the lessons, let's deeply touching experience by the feminine of your own.

it is a specific movement to be moving for 'isolation' of the underlying belly dance, like be using separately each articulation that is such as the waist, stomach, chest, neck, arms, fingers, and rejoining those while drawing a curve. it is not only creating to become physically, mentally and femininity gestures but also body adjust the overall balance and create a meek body line, to be strengthening the Inner that becomes the foundation necessary to keep the beauty of them at the same time.

and also it is said to be very effective, including health and beauty for women, low back pain and stiff shoulders, menstrual cramps, and even menopause and infertility.

Let's create a graceful and supple mind and body along with those core.

■New choreography class  link: URL